Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh boy, l mean Oh boys*

Oh Boy, l mean boys. What should we do with them? Good with them bad without them, and honestly there’s no fun without them. Like Coco chanel ones said; As long you know Man are like children, you know everything…well l have to agree. Last Saturday l had a true experience with 3 Manhattan boys, friends of my dear friend Jenny. We’re all at the same party in a private club in was a wild night, l found myself amazed with my New Yorkers friends, special the boys l have never seeing more happy, just last time at Disney World when l saw 3 little brothers jumping, excited to see mickey mouse lol well the boys in MIA was not different, which l thought it was adorable. At the end of the night the boys drove us back to where we’re staying and of-course we got lost, imagine lost in South Beach…today l thank God that we did got lost because l had more fun in the car then at the club. Talking about Coco say that boys are like child it’s so true, they want attention just like a little boy. For 5 mints l stared to check my phone and one of the Manhattan boys got really upset, because he felt that l wasn't give attention and was being rude. I very fast said that yes, l was on my phone and checking what my friends were saying AND that l don’t give a Shhhht* but of-course l could be little be more nice, he probably wish he had the devil in the car and no me lol. Jenny found sleep and there was me lost with the boys and one point all you could hear was me laughing, we stooped to pick one more who lovely walked a girl back home and he didn't stop talk about the girl in how beautiful and difficult she was and that he tried hard to get hold of her even leaving he’s number to somebody else. I couldn't believe what l was listening, a boy saying that he did try and he was “in love” with the beautiful girl, so l asked him; Ok..So you walked her home did you guys kiss!? He said; no l’m not like that l want to get to know her first. Awww he’s gorgeous tall and fun guy and he’s brother was our driver, even more funny. The other Boy each red light he putted he’s head out the car and asked any girl at street of South Beach if they would like to joy us that we had “room” for one more hahahaha every time he said that we’re laughing really hard. There at the moment with them talking and being so silly with the best energy and excitement you can ever imagine, l changed “little” be what l think about Boys. That entire thing that boys are all the same bla bla bla doesn’t exist, they’re yes, like little boys and they just want to have fun, being fun enjoying the moment, getting the attention and why not love. A man when want something, or somebody they yes do anything. So now l know they act impassivity and whatever happens it come from their colorful hearts that only boys have it *

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