Friday, December 7, 2012

Meeting Stella McCartney*

Last night l had one of the most wonderful time of my life. I had a bless to meet Stella McCartney, it was one of those moments that l know l will never forget. Stella was supposed to be here in my world last Monday, but she wasn’t feeling well so they diced to do the event on Thursday. I was whole week super excited; l was like a child 5 years old waiting for Santa. I’m huge fan of Stella l always wanted to meet her and having this opportunity right in front of me was defiantly a gift from God. Being able to spend some time with her was just a dream coming true. Stella is not only Sr. Paul McCartney daughter, she is THE designer Stella McCartney she’s talent, full of life and l honestly believe that Stella sees life with “colorful sunglasses” you know why!? Because each collection has such happiness vibe, the models seams walking always trough a garden, not only flowers, but a dream of what is being chic, class and cool. When was my turn to ask Stella a question, l didn’t think twice to tell her that l absolutely love how she plays with patterns, colors and that it’s incredible how she is not afraid to mix up all together and she said; No l’m not. And she smiled so then l asked her while she’s designing if she knows already which material or color that she want, so she said each design she and her team develop together the best material and color for each piece. In any moment she said l do it myself, which made me even more fan of her simplicity and honest about her fabulous work. Stella is a sweet girl who grows up with the fever era of the Beatles also having her beloved mother Linda being a photographer and her daddy Sir Paul being a musician did awake her to be in the fashion industry. The Stella McCartney girl is a girl who is confident, happy with herself, chic, cool and at the same time simple, a girl who accept any circumstance of life and that’s what makes her being so special, so unique, so colorful, so Stella McCartney*

Stella McCartney now available at Saks Fifth AV Boca Raton, FL

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