Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Linda Fargo is beautiful!!!!!

Let’s talk about the senior vice president of the power house Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo. She is tall, skinny, and chic, simple and incredible happy :D Since Linda arrived 30 years ago in New York from Milwaukee, the legendary NY department store has not being the same. Linda totally rocked the place, l myself when in NY always go to Bergdorf there’s something about that place and l ensure you all the success that the dream house has it’s because of Linda. The last time l luckily attended NYFW l had the pleasure to bump into Linda and was not only one time, but thank God many ones. Each time l saw Linda l said Hiiiiii Lindaaaaaaaaaa and she just looked at me always smiling, you know just happy with the moment her energy it’s amazing, she has everything to be a snob person, but no she is the only one who can has an important fashion position, wearing Chanel mixed with Jason Wu, caring a Valentino purse and at the same time be normal, simple, treating people with so much kindness. As l said l met her in many shows from DVF to Rachel Zoe and every time l screamed Hiiii Lindaaaaaaaa and she the same Hiiiiiiiiiiii one of the times l said to her, OH Boy; Linda you must be sick of me right!? And she came and grabbed my hands and said; no, never and smiled. Linda Fargo is Beautiful in many ways*

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