Thursday, December 27, 2012

L'EXTRA CHIC by Cyril Verdavainne

Let’s talk about what’s hot in NYC and around the world right now. l’m talking about the L’extra Chic the name already say everything we want and expect, extra cool and glamorously Chic ;) Mr. Cyril Verdavainne is the responsible for the coolest bag l have never seen. Cyril is also known for he’s eveningwear line sold at the Heaven house Saks Fifth Avenue and other 45 specialty stores around the world until 2010, when he decides to leave the manufacturing industry to concentrate on his expressionist painting and illustration. Mr. Cyril amazing work has been seen on the cover of one of my favorite magazines WWD, adored by celebrities as Katie Couric, Designers such as Carmen Marc Valvo. Also on TV shows and internet global as AOL for advertising and promotional purpose. I’m honestly amazed by the fact that Cyril was born in Morocco, and being through France, London and now rocking with he’s unique illustration in NYC. It’s awesome because l can see that in each illustration means something special and he’s expressing how fun, chic and glamorous fashion can be*

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