Sunday, September 23, 2012


Let’s talk about the most important, fabulous, genius designer in the whole world VALENTINO. Who knows me, know how much l love him and it was one of my big dream to meet Valentino, sense l start to read and pay attention on my grandma making her dresses l knew it who he was and always caring my magazines and seeing he’s collections summer/ fall 1996..7…8..9..2000….2001…2..3…4…8…9. Never l thought that l would have a chance to meet him in person, not that l wasn’t positive about my dreams, but l couldn’t imagine how far l could go. Two weeks ago at NYFW while waiting for the Diane Von Furstanberg show start, my friend Ana and l diced to walk around little be and Pow we bumped to who?? VALENTINO l said to Ana; OMG!!!!!!!! We looked to each other like not believing that the King of Fashion was right there in front of us, all we did was get close and talk to him and we did, we said ciao l said l absolutely love you and he smiled saying BEAUTIFUL and we did took a pic standing happy between Valentino. He was super sweet and happy it felt like he was waiting for us. It was the most excited day for me l thank God all the time for give me this gift of meeting Valentino *

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