Sunday, September 30, 2012

“Blame it on Brazil”

We can definitively blame it on Brazil, blame for being soooo beautiful, full of life, a fun place to be, for yes, having the sexiest girls ever lol hello Brazilian girls;) blame for being happy with or without anything. Last night l diced to wear a black dress that Gisele Bundchen wore at Rio fashion week, the dress is from Colcci spring 2005, when my Mom saw it on TV that Gisele wore that dress, she didn’t twice to buy and send it to me. Of-course l loved and l still have it, it’s cute, sexy, simple it’s Brazilian. After at the pub my friends and l bumped to my tennis coach, who is Brazilian from RIO DE JANEIRO and is the most fun coach l have ever had, coach Cristovao is a Brazilian born, Mom Brazilian with a American Dad, is spectacular coach not only for me, but for the Louis Vuitton family also, so Cristovao spent long time telling me that he’s a very good friend with the gorgeous model Joao Vellutini, today Chistovao and he’s lovely girlfriend invite me to go watch Flamengo x l don’t remember lol at a place called “Café mineiro” where all the HAPPY Brazilians go eat Churrasco, drink caipirinha and be even more happy  but l have plans to be at the beach, will close my eye and imagine that l’m in Rio and that still beautiful*

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