Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I’m amazed with Poupette Saint Barth brand. What a great idea of having such classy and chic style with unique pieces to hang out before and after beach. Sometimes people think ah beach or pool they don’t have to look cute, they’re wrong anytime we gotta have style no matter what, plus we never know who we’ll meet, where we’re going to finish so why not be elegant at least. Honestly l haven’t seeing any other sooo girly and cool hippie style like Poupette Saint Barth, when my friend told me to check it out l found it colorful and happy. I think the fairy tale that the designer is trying to pass, is that we all dream with a beautiful paradise as an Island with a lover, friend or family. This gracious brand is for a girl who has attitude and love enjoy life* POUPETTE ADDICTS -Uma Thurman -Nicolette Sheridan - Ivanka Thump -Dasha Zukhova -Beyonce - Stephane Seymour POUPETTE BOUTIQUES & RETAILERS BOUTIQUES: SAINT BARTHÉLEMY F.W.I. SAINT BARTH Poupette St Barth Rue de la République Gustavia 97133 F.W.I (+590) 590 279 449 MIAMI Coral Gables, Fl 33146 T. 305 648 3333 RETAILERS: USA New York- Boutique scoop, cream Rhode Island- Boutique Mandarine Havai-Boutique Oh LaLa West Indies Mustique- Pink House UK Klein Boutique, Coco Boutique FRANCE Rosanita Juan Les Pins http://www.poupettestbarth.com/ PRESS CONTACT MY LOLA PR - Cecilia Pelloux - contact@mylolapr.com

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