Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today at the Beach my amazing friends asked me How about Rachel Zoe Juliana??l said; are you kidding me? I love Rachel Zoe she is the coolest girl in Los Angeles, l love Rachel for her being incredible talent, and Mum at 40’s, l also LOVE Rachel for her being a model of Glamorous, she’s Chic, Modern, Skinny, Fabulous and she started from nothing. Rachel is a brave girl because as we know the fashion world it’s not let me say,”easy” people wants to eat each-other Blaaaaaaaa no longer ago l wrote Rachel at the Twitter, l said that l have all her DVD’S and that l love it! She very kind replayed me that l could watch it also at the Bravo…l Die!! OMG!!! As she says BANANAS ;) Rachel’s collection it’s nothing, but cool...Classy...Modern as Rachel*

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