Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's play Polka Dots BABE :*

Let’s talk about Polka Dot Dress BABE ;) Well there’s nothing new about it, but it’s always nice to remind how girly and Classy it is! I think last two weeks l got like 4 new Polka Dot dresses One absolutely different the other one, but each one incredible special, one for each fabulous moment of my life lol hahaha l’m serious!! You can say that l’m addict with this style l don’t care, but between all the Dots l have, there’s was one missing The dark with lovely shouter (Katy Perry style)So l got it ;) today my friend said something that the Polka Dot it’s back, l think that was always here! back at the time and now nothing changed, maybe just now the designers are finally playing with those sweet little Dots :*


Shayla Eastmond said...

Hi I love reading your blog! Could you pls come and look at mine @ , as I'm new I haven't been getting many people looking :-) it would mean a lot thanks

Juliana Marques said...

Hello Shayla,
i'm glad ur enjoying my silly posts :D yes, when l have chance would love to see your l'm sure lovely post! xoxo