Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yeahh Love is all around *_* Like everybody knows, l`m getting married This year lol Well that's what happens right!? You meet the dude fall in LOVE than...Powwow You get Married...bla bla bla everybody knows that The reason l`m posting this is, cause l`m amazed With those past weeding we had Kate, Lily, and Prince Albert and Ahh-of-course Carolyn Bessette. What Called a lot my attention was, the dresses! Very classic and simple. Sense Carolyn Married JFK.JR in September 21, 1996, l was Always in Love with her dress;) and still have Believe you, or not the pics from her weeding lol l think it’s just amazing that the old fashion style Dresses are back! The simple it’s better and l love it *

PS.Today after a very painful day, l got a very sweet and amazing message from my Dear and fabulous friend Simone Coste, who is well know for her brilliant jewel collection, selling everywhere in the World. Her glamorous work is also in many Vogues, Simone surprised ME saying that she will design my Wedding Dress * So you can imagine How happy l'am right now :D

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