Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sunfest 2012 * Here we go again ;) I’m seeing many of searches of girls looking in what to wear at this fun event in south Florida. We’re such lucky girls right!? Almost one week of Music, Art, Fashion! Today l had a friend calling me asking; Jules what should l wear? Well l think this is the place that you can totally express yourself, l would say you got to be free spirit to dress up to this place, any Festival. Many of girls have the key piece, simple jeans short, than all you need it’s a cool top. l also suggest putting something in the hair, hates, scarves, head piece are always welcome! Dresses, nude with many necklace are cool too ;) l have styled my two outfit, one for tomorrow which it will be a Hippie-Chic style, maybe the right world would be a Hippie-Chanel-Chic ;) for Sunday will be totally girly, sweet as a 5 years old little girl lol anyway what you have to keep in might is that is you there, not me, not what l’m saying. What l’m doing is giving you ideas, but when you put everything together, it has to be you, how you are, what you’re living your feelings and then yes! You are ready ;)

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