Thursday, April 12, 2012


OMG! It’s being one year sense will married Kate I remember very well putting my alarm on for 4:30 am to watch the most excited and waited weeding of the century. It was magical truly fairytale, l was amazed watching and of-course the energy and the love surround about that day was something unique. I believe that each of us born with a destiny, to where to go, in what to became. Kate now the Duchess was born to be beautiful, to shine, to be not only the future Queen, but an example of kindness and simplicity. Kate has became also a fashion trendsetter and beloved for her charm, grace and caring. The world loves her and are so pure with their eye when becomes about Kate and Will. All the magazines are celebrating with Kate and Will this blessed year. Year of unforgettable trips, incredible experiences of meeting all kind of people and inspire with her fashion. Kate is chic, classy and elegant as she should be. I was very excited to finally post my favorite looks of Kate and also to cheers that l have a friend Patricia Rigueras-Beecroft, who does not only remind Kate for the beauty, but also the attitude  When Kate married will l thought, Oh hope she won’t change and she did not! Each day more fashion, strong and powerful. Can’t wait to write again about her, probably soon with the news of baby, rocking dress, or just the fact of being Kate *

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