Wednesday, April 18, 2012


While getting ready to go to the Pub tonight, between a txt and other with my dear friend Patty She made me realize something, actually she’s being helping a lot! So she said; l think you should stay home and work on your blog. The word BLOG shacked me like a wake UP! And for mints l couldn’t hear anything just the word BLOG, and l felt terrible for haven’t pay attention, for haven’t post for soooo long. l wrote on my notebook all l want to share, but for some reason l couldn’t stay in front on my computer, so much going on…friends coming…friends going, love..Health...finding happiness in little simple things in life * so luckily l got “shacked”, l being shacked by my dear friend, who is somehow helping me more than she can’t even imagine. l’m happy, calm and feeling incredible bless…SoOOoo l’m back Bitches ;)


Samatha@usher suits said...

Thank you for sharing these recently taken photos, all is beautifully captured by your lens! I’m thankful to your friend because she reminded you of blogging. We missed you!

Juliana Marques said...

:) Hello Sam*
Thank you for your sweet Words!
promise never be away again!