Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Best friends forever or enemies!??? Loll Well the celebrities, models and people like  We with the “normal” life are not different when is about  friendship, Love ship, whatever ship you can tell . For how long the Girls will be called HATES by the boys!?Why some girls feel such pleasure to hurt!?? Unfortunate l don’t have the answer for that. l believe it must be “Love Me or Leave Me” or “Keep her or let her Go” very feel Girlfriends can keep the respect and loyalty that we always expect. My mother used to said when l was child; the only true friendship, love, loyalty you will have forever, it’s from your Mama loll than she changed while l was a teen saying that will be only two or three people that will be there no matter what. So l diced to account and yes! She’s right l have three maybe two, real friends yeahhh ;) some people are lucky to have sister, it’s beautiful see how they grow together, some of have even business together, l always when l find somebody that could be close to be a sister to me, l do call sister! It’s very sad how in this days people lost compassion to others, losing the fun, loving , caring person that could somehow be in your life’s forever*

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