Sunday, April 8, 2012


Before anything l felt in my heart to share a dream* Last night l had a dream with Anna Wintour, a dream that l was doing an interview at 8 am at Vogue magazine. Well l don’t think she get that early at publication, So there was me 7 am waiting in the car. l was absolutely nervous for meeting the Queen of Fashion* Anna l said 7 am cause l’m famous for being incredible early on my appointments, l don’t know l always think that we never know what can happens in the way and also it’s rude make people wait, l hate so l don’t do it. Anyway there was me 7:30 already inside the build waiting till l heard a very elegant girl calling my name; Ms. Juliana Anna is ready for you lol walking to the hall l felt my legs, hands, heart shaking and there was Anna Wintour, seating with her hair and makeup perfect looking at me and she smiled and said; Hello Juliana l was excited to finally meet you, l heard that you love fashion more than anything!?So do l, she says….So l stared to talk and talk and talk as always, all about fashion and all she did was smile and said again how amazed she was by my truly love for fashion. Than we walked each room of Vogue magazine and she said that l was welcome to start anytime a internship at Vogue* At 8 am of the next day, l woke up ;)

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