Thursday, June 9, 2011

Patricia Gimenez

It`s a pleasure to me to talk about my dear and talent
friends Patricia Gimenez.Shes a Designer and illustrator
with a stunning collection,this young girl from Sao Paulo
(like me)is getting the World!in Brazil she worked with
the group Chris Barros,now shes part of creation of the
brand LEFT in Sao Paulo,and soon she will be showing her
incredible work for the group Over Fifty and Irresistible
in Miami:)Yeap,you go girl!!!Patricia and l look like a lot
we Like the same staff as Fashion and Music,like Madonna for
a example.When l asked her which song was her favorite she said
many like;Frozen,Rain,Human Nature cause those songs inspirited
her in this Amazing collection.l picked Human Nature for my post
Because its how l see her collection,a Strong,Sexy,Confident girl
as Patricia Gimenez**

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