Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hung Up!!!!!!!

Hung Up!!??Never!Well,l had to make a post about being
Sooo much on the phone.Not because l`m,myself super duper
addict to,but sometimes being in your phone can surprise you
not only for getting a expected phone call,or txt from somebody
special,or Love,Friends,But can bring you a friend,like me and
BFF Jamie we started to talk because we were in your phones,we
thought it were funny,cause we were on FB lol at the same time
So we thank God for your Phones,or we would never met.l know
sounds Cheesy,but l can`t live without my Pink little thing lol
as you can see is not only me addict with Phone,everyone,even
Anna Wintour** it makes me feel much better being

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