Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lessons From Lanvin Designer ALBER ELBAZ

Lovers,you guys have no idea how much l read and l read
and l read about Fashion,its crazy my passion for Fashion
and Tennis,its the only thing l really care about right now
SOOOO since l`m reading sooo much about this incredible,fun
Glamorous World call Fashion,l today was reading about Mr,Alber
Elbaz the Designer for Lanvin..l wish l could post everything
hes tips about Fashion,but l`m going to try at least one a week to
share what he think about this Powerful World.We have a lot to
learn with Alber that`s for sure,so lets do it in session
Enjoy it;)

Designers and editors can give you nonstop advice,but
in the end,the mirror never lies.Stop long enough to
look in it and it will reveal what`s right for you
it`s subtle but important point.if you`r shopping and
like how you look in a hot-pink outfit,enjoy the moment
Enjoy the desire to buy it.Trust your intuition,not
someone else`s standards" Alber Elbaz

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