Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blake Lively's Style Secrets in Glamour June 2011

Ooh La La,BLAKE!!!!!
well..l being watching this Lovely lady everywhere
before all l knew was,that she was at some tv show
called Gossip Girl`s(which l never saw,cause l don`t
watch those shows)than she a pier at Vogue magazine
and hanging out with Anna Wintour,watching the most
important Fashion Shows.At that time l read many
Bloggers saying like;who she think she is!?or what now!?
Soooo l was like watching her,loving her style,but never
l stop and read anything about it.after that she got a
contract with Chanel,and being called as "American Dream
Girl"by Karl,now she`s at the cover of most magazines,because
of her affair with Leonardo Di Caprio.l`m like,now l got to find
more about her OMG!!!and what l found was,that Good for Leo
she is funny,with attitude and yes,with sense of Fashion!
l LIKE HER!!!!!you Go Girl!!

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