Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rihanna by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Dior x Rihanna Eyewear

Christian-Dior-Rihanna-01-620x826 Power French house Christian Dior and the one and only Rihanna team up on a futurist and super cool new sunglasses collection. Rhanna picked fun and wearable colors and honestely l like the design. “The process was pretty seamless. I spent a day at Dior with their eyewear design team. I started by looking through all the archives to see what they’ve done in the past, then got acquainted with all the new materials. I literally sat there and drew and drew until I was happy with the design, and the team illustrated it for me right then and there. We picked materials and colors that same day, and after that it was a matter of weeks before I saw the first prototype.” – Rihanna Christian-Dior-Rihanna-05-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-02-620x828 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-06-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-07-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-08-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-09-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-10-620x412 Christian-Dior-Rihanna-03-620x827

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