Wednesday, November 5, 2014


About two weeks ago, the fabulous HICKIES team surprised me with a lovely treat - six packets of their colorful and fashionable elastic laces to make my life easy and breezy. I'll tell you why.

Hickies are a different and fun way to lace up your tennis shoes (or any other shoe) without tying and untying. You can use your imagination mixing colors to make them unique for you.

It's a smart solution for adults who like add a little flair to their kicks and for children. After all, there's always a little drama while kids are getting ready to leave the house. Especially mornings before school, and shoes seem to always be a part of the problem.

l asked my test subjects Jonathan (13 years old) and Mary Claire (9 years old) to try Hickies on and share with me their experience.

Mary Claire was the first one see the packets of Hickes. She jumped on the boxes very excitedly, asking what was those little plastic things were. After l explained it to her she had a great time putting them on her sneakers.

Mary Claire said said she liked Hickies on her shoes because they're fun to wear and very stylish. She reported to me that at school, a few friends asked her about her laces and wanted to know where they could find them. She told me she couldn't wait to see new colors to try.

Jonathan said he  liked the Hickies because he doesn't need to worry about tying his shoes. Plus he thinks they look cool.

Fashion on Rock is happy to be asked to try Hickies out and will definitely be sharing them with family and friends.


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