Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cinderella For a Day....

Yesterday l had the pleasure to go with my boyfriend to West Palm Beach, Florida to                         watch Cinderella musical by Broadway.

The invitations were a gift from my boyfriend’s lovely parents, who gave to us last month.

It’s amazing how Cinderella story still making people dream.

Dream of a true love and a fairytale wedding, and to believe that everything is possible!

The play was fantastic, costume was just phenomenal and the cast was just right.

After that l started to think, are we all Cinderella’s? Should we dance and sing and believe of fairytale’s?

All I can tell you is that yes, everything is possible and you must believe.

Maybe you won’t end up marrying a Prince and living in a castle, but you for sure if you let it happen, you’ll be happy!



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