Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M Day Has Arrived!

The day has finally arrived, the Alexander Wang for H&M.

Unfortunately where l live we don’t have H&M so l had to do my shopping online which l don’t like.

I don’t like because isn’t fun as when we go to the store, it’s easy yeah right, but not the same.

I woke up early and waited for more than 2 hrs. In front of my computer till H&M finally allowed us, fashion victims to shop till we drop.

I wanted the Jacquard-knit Dress badly than, less than 30 seconds for the site allow shopping l had a brilliant idea of refreshing my page and l lost everything.

I couldn't believe that happened, l almost cried. That’s how crazy for fashion l’am!

This is such cool collection to have but if you’re not swimming in money, you have to smart in which piece to choose.

Hour’s later l diced to go back on my computer and try one more time, and put all my energy and love for fashion in one last click.

And guess what!? It worked; it went through, my order really happened!

So if you go on H&M website and if it says; “sold out”…try it again, but with passion and with a dream that it will come true!

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