Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vogue!! Beatrix Miller and her unforgettable covers

apr-68-b_426x639beatrix-miller-vogue-24feb14-rex_b_320x480 Last weekend the fashion world lost Beatrix Miller, a British Vogue editor from 1964 to 1986. Miss Miller was well known for her passion for dynamic and exciting journalism. Beatrix Miller brought life and colors to her covers. As you know my dream is to become a Vogue editor, so l look up a lot to those genius ladies who started fashion like anyone. Every cover has a specific expression, each cover was not just a cover, was to think about it, to imagine. RIP Miss Miller may you always inspired us fashion lovers, Amen! 
 dec74-b_426x639 December-1978_v_2aug10_B_426x639 February-1978_v_2aug10_B_426x639 January-1966-Vogue-14May13_b_426x639 sep65-b_426x639 sep66-b_426x639 sep73-b_426x639 June-1965-Vogue-14May13_b_426x639 March-1967-Vogue-14May13_b_426x639 VoguecoverMar74_XL-1280_426x639 VogueJul65_V_25jan12_b_426x639 (1)

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