Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2014....DIVINE!!!

mohapatra-rf14-3231Bibhu Monhapatra fall 2014 its nothing, but DIVINE! I have been attending he’s shows for a while, but never saw nothing like this collection. Bibhu’s collection is full of grace and has some special glamour hard to explain, it’s like we could feel and hear Bibhu speak trough he’s clothes. The show was magical and excited, we could see in everybody’s face that WOW of a brilliant collection. Congratulations Bibhu! You rock! 
mohapatra-rf14-3338 mohapatra-rf14-3276 mohapatra-rf14-3348 mohapatra-rf14-3367 mohapatra-rf14-3401 mohapatra-rf14-3181 mohapatra-rf14-3488 mohapatra-rf14-3498 mohapatra-rf14-3507 mohapatra-rf14-3514 mohapatra-rf14-3522 (1) mohapatra-rf14-3525 mohapatra-rf14-3539

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