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Let’s talk about PLOOSH, a cute, glamorous, and fun clutch that l had the pleasure to discover for myself in Miami during Art Basel.

When l first met the co-creator of PLOOSH, Yuriy Zubarev, l was poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel when l saw him carrying an adorable leather hippo with diamonds around its neck. As a girly girl, l was curious and couldn’t wait to hold it.

According with Yuriy and his business partner, Sasha Iastremska, PLOOSH is made to bring a smile to people's faces. I'm certain it will not just bring a smile, but happiness. The excitement behind PLOOSH is contagious. It's different, a little silly, and stylish.

Each PLOOSH is hand-crafted using luxurious materials such as genuine Italian leather and Swarovski crystal details. PLOOSH is available in three sizes, from the small PLOOSH clutch with a tummy pocket to the medium- and large-sized PLOOSH for a unique home decoration. No doubt, wearing PLOOSH clutch will get plenty of attention. He's not only a cutie, but a stylish way to make people happy.

Fashion on Rock: Yuriy, thank you for speaking to me about PLOOSH.

Yuriy: Juliana, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to find out more about PLOOSH. Likewise, I want to say again what a pleasure it was to meet you in Miami and, furthermore, to continue the adventure in New York during Fall Fashion Week 2014! I am very excited to get into this interview and for next week.

Fashion on Rock: What made you believe that this idea would touch people's hearts? It certainly touched mine.

Yuriy: You’re too kind. Thank you! Well, the same thing that happened to you happened to us. When my business partner Sasha came up with the concept I was immediately intrigued by the idea. For those readers who don’t know who I am or what I look like, I’m a 5’11”, thirty-year-old business man. That should put things into perspective a little bit. The idea of having a little whimsical clutch bag that can make anyone smile simply by taking a quick look at was extremely appealing to me. How often have we as adults needed something that took us back to simpler times? Something that was comfortable and sincere, yet personable and representative of all those wonderful memories we had when there were no deadlines, no rushing around, no traffic, no pressure? That’s what we wanted PLOOSH to be. We worked through several prototypes and finally that little whimsical smile appeared. That’s when we knew that was it. And on the elephants, once those big fluffy ears appeared we immediately knew that we had something special. It made us feel so warm, and free that we knew other people would feel the exact same way. After all, how could anyone not love a stuffed Hippo and Elephant purse?

Fashion on Rock: You mentioned earlier that PLOOSH had an invitation to star in a movie. Tell us about this Hollywood project.

Yuriy: [laughing] There are actually several Hollywood projects. However, they are all under a closed contract right now. Unfortunately this means that I cannot say anything until filming begins. However, how about I do this... The minute it does, I’ll provide an update so that your readers will know where they can see our happy friends on the big screen.

Fashion on Rock: Why did you decide to do hippos and elephants? Why not cats or dogs? Are there any plans to explore the “whole zoo”?

Yuriy: Well, there are a few reasons, the primary reason being that Sasha is very allergic to cats and dogs, so it’s a bit difficult to make something you can’t really be around in real life. Also, hippos and elephants are amazingly cute, and lastly, what type of cat or dog would we make? A Pit-bull? A Terrier? A Chihuahua? Siamese? Tabby? The problem becomes alienating out loyal fans and clients. So, we decided to go with something that was just plain fun: hippos and elephants. In the near future we’ll be coming out with additions to the PLOOSH family. However I’m afraid we won’t be including cats and dogs in our lineup.

Fashion on Rock: What is your wish for PLOOSH in the future?

Yuriy: Our wish for PLOOSH is to make it a ferocious success. We want to see both PLOOSH lines explode across the globe and open up a new market for whimsical, yet refined, luxury accessories. I believe that in creating our marketing and sales strategy, and focusing on the soul of our brand - that being, creating an environment of childlike wonder and whimsy, we will be able to touch and affect, in a positive manner - anyone who comes across our product. We believe in change for the positive through design. Fashion is known for changing the world, PLOOSH will be no different.

Fashion on Rock: I observe a lot people with passion in their new projects. Your positivity and excitement is contagious. How you do you maintain that? The fashion industry is very intimidating and l see that you're extremely confidant.

Yuriy: One of my favorite quotes is, “the question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” We take the same approach with PLOOSH. We feel that it is the right product. No, more than that, we know that it is something that is very necessary in the lives of people we meet. We see this every time someone holds a PLOOSH or sees one for the first time. You said it yourself, it is contagious, and if it’s contagious and it fits with what we know to be a universal truth of happiness and whimsy then how could we ever be intimidated? We believe in our brand and our product and we draw energy from people like you who love PLOOSH as much as we do. So if we have all of that in our favor, the fashion industry doesn’t stand a chance.

Fashion on Rock: I’m very happy that Fashion on Rock will be hanging out with PLOOSH team in New York City during Fashion Week, what’s the schedule for all this fun?

Yuriy: You’re very happy? I can’t express in words OUR excitement about it! The schedule is quite simply to “be present.” Which we mean in every single possible way you can mean that statement. We are very much looking forward to enjoying the amazing designers presenting at IMG including our friends at Custo Barcelona, Katya Zol, Skingraft; as well as, some of our dear supporters from American Express, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Envision Studios, Cultures of Love, and Jene Lupoli – Luciani. We miss our Fashion Week “partners in crime” very much and given our current opportunity we want to maximize every day as much as possible and never waste a minute. Juliana, I believe that you will witness first-hand the energy and excitement around PLOOSH in NY and we are so happy that you will be part of that excitement and we can be part of yours.

Fashion on Rock: Thank you Yuriy! Keep up the wonderful and inspired work and l see you in New York!

Yuriy: Thank you for your support and your kind words; see you in a few short days!



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