Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp back together!?

JDepp_KMoss02_v_20mar12_rex_b_426x639 Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are reuniting to star in Paul McCartney's forthcoming music video, Queenie Eye. As we all know, Kate and Johnny dated for three years between 1994 and 1997, and their split left lovely Kate with a huge heartbroken. No longer ago, Kate gave an interview saying that she cried for years and years. Those past years they tried to avoid each other since Kate got so hurt over the Split from Jonny, - but neither could say no to Sr. Paul McCartney. Now l’m thinking, maybe they meant to be; maybe they need to talk…who knows right!? All l know is that l’m not the only one who thinks that Kate and Johnny should be together, that they’re perfect to each other. From now we must wait and see what happens. Let’s enjoy Kate’s new collection for Topshop, her new job as fashion editor for Vogue UK and let’s enjoy Sr. Paul’s video when is done and always hope for the best. Amen;) kate moss i johnny depp -d Kc1MH pa-2625529 tumblr_m2njj4AmUI1qgz67oo1_500 johnny-depp-and-kate-moss-photo-gallery-c10357028

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