Sunday, October 27, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld designs a exclusive collection inspired by his cat,Choupette...Meow

Well, That Karl Lagerfeld loves he’s cat we know and is not a secret. l think is very sweet. l grown up with my grandfather cats and now my boyfriend, so l know very well how people can get affection to those annoying little creatures.  The other day l read an interview Karl saying that he loves he’s cat so much, that he wishes  he could marry he’s cat Choupette . Karl’s cat is a lucky cat right!? Since Karl already told the world about he’s love to he’s cat, he diced to design a collection inspired by he’s famous cat Choupette. The collection will be available to buy from Lagerfeld stores from November 13. I might get something for my bf since cats are so in fashion right now. Karl created in the designer's signature monochrome - features a knitted cap with cat's ears and leather whiskers, a leather cat-shaped tote bag, fingerless gloves, a key chain, a wool scarf, a cross-body bag and iPad and iPhone covers. Such great collection for everyone who adores an kitty cat….Meow


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