Saturday, August 24, 2013

The love of Ganesha store in San Francisco

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The love of Ganesha is a lovely store that l was lucky for have walked in, on my last trip to San Francisco. My family and l were lost walking at streets of SF looking somewhere to eat, when we diced to explore the famous and fun Haight St, the hippie street where Jimi Hendrix had an apt and the bar that Janis Joplin used to sing. There was the little and at the same time huge store called “The love of Ganesha” The energy from outside was incredible, so l told our Mum that we should check it out and we did. When we first walked there was a plate with fruits and treats, people happy and generous, people with good heart selling colorful clothes, fun skirts with several layers, colors and prints. Every print had meaning something different, something good, happy, meaning hope and love. The whole store was so interesting, l felt like a child at the candy store, didn’t know where to look first. I was also amazed that there inside they had this little room for meditation with flowers and special candle, everything full of light. The owner of that incredible store didn't store smile, she was happy because we were there and she was not happy because we were about to spend money on her store, she was happy only because we were there* the love of Ganesha is located at 1310 Haight St San Francisco, California Tel 415-863 0999



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