Wednesday, August 28, 2013

China 6 year old little boy, please world spread love not hate*

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I think today was one of the most sad day in my life. After searching for news on internet l saw an article about these 6 years old boy in China that had he’s eye removed from a horrible, monster person who brutally hurt this innocent child. l couldn’t believe what l read about how he keeps asking he’s Mom why it still dark. l cried for hrs. l have little Japanese nephew the same age and just to imagine the pain of this child and of he’s family was terrible. What’s going on in the world!? The world is sick right now, people lost they might, they’re selfish and mean. So l’m asking you now, please forget about anything else and please protect your child, help protect your neighbor child, they’re angels who can’t protect themself of those animals out there. Please spread peace and love, pray for this little boy with so much pain, who is in the dark now and he has no idea what’s going on. l’m very lucky for having followers all over the world on fashion on rock so l want to use it not only to talk about fashion, but love and ask you to please whatever you are from please spread the love  and no the hate.
Juliana Marques

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