Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Fashion in pictures" book

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Last New York fashion week l bumped into Mr. Robert Vendi, he is an American TV Personality and style expert and always when l see him it’s always fun, he normally talks to me like we know each other for a long time and he likes to teach a little be so the last lesson was about fashion history, Mr. Verdi believes that before we open our mouth to say that we love fashion, we have first to learn where it came from, who were the people who wore first that fabulous dress, skirt, jeans and how music really affected fashion back and now. I diced to listen Mr. Verdi going to the book store and find a book that would be easy for me to read without get tired lol so l found “FASHION in pictures” a British book with amazing pictures from the studios of Victorian era to the catwalk of the present day, from 1900 to 2011. It’s funny cause when you open the pages you feel like you already saw everything, every picture of each year, is absolutely familiar. Anna Wintour usually say that; Fashion is about look forward not back, but l don’t see anything wrong with that, l think that it’s awesome to get inspire, study and ready about what’s fashion now and what was before.

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