Friday, August 31, 2012

Party Time*

It’s time to put your dancing shoes on my darling ;) When was the last time you were out and about!?Probably not too long ago right!? Well l don’t even remember when was the last time that l got all dress up and went dance like nobody was watching HA* l’m serious, when you past 30’s things are different it really need to worth the night to step out your Louboutin. I totally recommend if you want to have the best time of your life it has to be with special people, an amazing place and ahh feel happy and peaceful for bring good energy for the night. Tonight it’s my dear friend’s birthday, Simone is a kind a friend that is always there for you, a friend that for sure worth drive down MIA to celebrate even for couple. That’s what l’m talking about spend the time with real people who speaks the same language in fashion, love and like. So happy birthday my friend, let’s get the party started

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