Monday, August 6, 2012


Express Yourself* So this morning l received an email from this 24 years old year asking me PLEASE to write on Fashion on Rock, she said that she loves Fashion and Rock ‘n’ Roll and that l should have her writing for me. Well first l thought that was sweet and maybe it would be a good idea having somebody writing with me special while lm pmsing l just don’t get close to my computer, BUT at the same time l think we all should be able to write, to express ourselves, to share to open what’s on our might and l truly believe that we’re FREE. Fashion on Rock is absolutely a move of my own moon, l just can’t seat and write and share a pic of is not what it come from myself, so how l’m going to know what this girl are sharing is what a want to the world know and feel!? I know the power of each post and how that get into People feelings, it’s a lot responsibility l also would say a gift from God. So if you have a passion for anything besides fashion l totally recommend you to DO IT!!!!! Open your own blog, journal whatever just DO IT!!!! Go and express no me or she or that famous magazine, but YOURSELF*

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