Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blondes or Brunettes have more fun!? ;)

If l was brunette who l would love to be!? Not a difficult question for me to answer, sense my two BFFs are two gorgeous brunette Ana Paula Lima and Patricia Rigueras-Beecroft. Last Sunday my cutie asked me; why are you blonde Julie? So l said well Blondes have more fun, it’s actually Marilyn Monroe quote. Also Ms. Monroe said it takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blond lol as you know even Marilyn, me and most of the Blondes were someday a brunette. There’s only one sort of natural blonde on the earth----albinos says Ms. Monroe, my whole life l dreamed to be a blond girl l was always asking my Mother, who is Hairstyle to please change my hair color, Mom never let me sense in my Country we’re 98% of brunette lol when l moved out first Thing l did was to start my new life as a blonde girl, but honestly it doesn’t matter which color is your hair blond, brunette, red, blue now every popular pink lol you can still have fun. It’s not the color of your hair that will change how happy, fun, hot you can be it all depends how you’re feeling. I have myself a brunette wig home, sometimes l like to play colors. The brunette girl are incredible hot, smart and l don’t know if it is because my best friends are brunette, but they’re absolutely strong girls who help a lot the blonde here*


Style Around por Ana Paula Lima said...

Thank you Ju!
Together we are the best. You blond and me brunette.
We complete eachother!
The perfect team!!!

Style Around por Ana Paula Lima said...

Love it!
We are the perfect team...blonde and brunette.

Juliana Marques said...

Awww glad you liked dear friend!!!
We blonds are nothing without you brunettes:)