Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rubin Singer’s Fall/Winter 2016 by Yuriy Zubarev

Follow the Teal, Gold, Black Road

Rubin Singer’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is what happens when geometry, ready to wear, and inspiration from the 70’s is successfully combined during New York Fashion Week F/W 2016. Entitled “Homomorphism” the collection is an almost perfect blend of ready to wear and architectural inspiration; the culmination of which was a strong, yet refined, feminine collection. The presentation was appropriately held at Industria SuperStudio in the village with beverages provided by Agua Reinvented and music by…well, no one knows since the DJ/Music Producer wasn’t mentioned in the line-sheet. Unlike the line-sheet, however, I will be mentioning the DJ and I will be doing so right now. Any DJ that can mix mid 90’s EDM with contemporary EDM, synthesizer and drum should be mentioned. The mention of the DJ is not without direct relation to the collection. The music accented the designers ideas about the collection as well as the inspiration from which the collection emerged.
Shown in three parts, each collection was an extension of the one before it. The hand-curated contemporary fabrics were utilized for designs that spanned everything from an evening out with the Black/Gold Iris Fils Coupe Strapless Gown with Shattered Glass Embroidered Top; to the day at the office, with a Black and White Linear Jacquard Jacket. Each piece of the collection maintained the spirit of Singer’s style by way of emphasizing the feminine curve and flowing material, yet each piece also stood out as a complete outfit, independent of the collection.

The evening gown collection was the highlight of the presentation. The evening gowns embraced Teal, Black, Gold, and Shattered Glass. Each gown, although clearly drawing some stylistic characteristics form the avant-garde, could be easily transferred from the presentation to any evening gala in New York. The careful layering and draping is where the gowns differentiated themselves from the other pieces in the presentation. Although some would, no doubt, consider the gown collection to be very accessible and regular compared to the usual fashion presentation, those “some” must also consider that fact that fashion without a consumer is known as a failed enterprise.

With this writer’s first presentation out of the way, NYFW F/W is off to a running and late night start.


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