Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chiara Boni Fall'16 by Yuriy Zubarev

Italy, Women, and Elegance  by Yuriy Zubarev
Imagine, if you will, that there exists a designer who, instead of masking the elegant and feminine, embraces the female form and accentuates the very parts of a woman that other designers attempt to mask. Imagine if you will that such a designer presented during New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016. Now imagine that the designer was real, and in her attempt to promote femininity and strength through her collection she created an elegance that is timeless.

What is elegance? If you’re at NYFW FW 2016 you would have a difficult time finding it. Unless you were at the La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni show at Moynihan Station. You’d have a difficult time finding women who wear fitted gowns as well as designers who embrace and make love to the feminine curve with their designs and gowns. Viewing the La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni show is akin to realizing, for the first time, that women, all women, have waists, curves, legs, and that the right gown can be more erotic than any nude photograph. It’s like seeing a Ferrari for the first time.

The defining style of the La Petite Robe show, without a doubt, was the focus on the feminine. From the exquisitely styled stilettos to the waist and figure accenting dresses, each piece spoke volumes. Each design was as elegant as the one before it. Each dress evoked an appreciation of style that has long been absent from the recent, more contemporary, focus of current designers. In other words, La Petite Robe was the wakeup call that elegance during NYFW needed. A far cry from the unstructured and oversized designs now in vogue, the latest collection for La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni, serves as a reminder that underneath all of the clothes and layers there is still a woman, and that woman can be elegance embodied.

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