Friday, September 18, 2015

New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 Dannis Basso, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors

Gorgeous Dannis Basso Spring 2016. Every dress was incredible well made in New York City!

Dennis Basso knows how a women want to dress up, the brand keeps rocking the runway with exclusive and unique looks.
The one and only Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 is full of bright and fun colors. You'll feel like a movie start wearing any piece of this marvelous collection.

The inspiration on the theater made this collections so interesting and unforgettable.
Classy and chic as always Ralph Lauren Spring 2016 has a easy and elegant and classic way.
 Michael Kors Spring 2016 is for every girl in different places and situations.That what l love about Michel Kors, hi's collecyions is always classy, chic, girly and for tomboy.

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