Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Life of a Bottle

As you know, Fashion on Rock is not only connected with Fashion, but causes like animal protection, child welfare, human rights, and the environment.

Fashion on Rock is 100% behind everything right for this planet, and today l want to share Nik Kleverov’s amazing video which helps us to understand how important recycling is and how a thoughtless action can have an impact on the environment.

The video is a reality of what happens daily. Watching this, we have the feeling, “Oops, think I've seen this happening before,” because yes, you have and it’s a shame, right!?So from now on, let’s understand that the planet is ours and we must take care of it.

I’m sure after watching this video; we’ll look with different eyes at what’s going around us.

The message is very clear. Do your part and be kind to the Earth.

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