Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lebreton New York by Cyril Verdavainne

Lebreton_Bag_editorial_whit fl
I'm very excited to talk about the fabulous and fashionable Lebreton bags by Cyril Verdavainne, a dear young talent who is rocking the fashion world with his unique designs. I just love how Cyril does the illustrations. His passion for fashion and enthusiasm to express himself are inspired by his Parisian grandmother who during her working days in the City of Life carried with her what she called her “everyday-for-everything purse.”
As you know, Fashion on Rock is also inspired by my grandmother – so yes, grandmothers know best. There's nothing better than learning by watching those classy and super fashionable ladies.
Cryil is based in New York and has done many illustrations for Women's Wear Daily, designed windows for Neiman Marcus, and illustrated collections for designers like Carmen Marc Valvo. It truly amazes me how Cyril gives 100% of himself on his projects, which is extremely important in the fashion industry. I myself have more than 50 purses, and I have to tell you, you can never have to many. We need the space and, of course, need to stay in style.
You can find these very attractive and chic bags on Etsy:
Lebreton_Bag_editorial_frt-red-wht flow



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