Thursday, January 30, 2014


A few months ago, I was at Barnes & Noble when I happened grabbed the same book (Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty) that somebody else was trying to buy. We began chatting and I learned that this person was a fashion designer named Sebastian Ortega. I told him about my website, and we began trading tales of our adventures in this fashionable world.

Last week, he and his lovely girlfriend, Amantha Rivero, who is also an incredible designer, invited me to stop by her house in Miami to check out their amazing work. Of course, I had to ask them if I could try on the dresses because it was impossible just to look.

You can feel their excitement about fashion in every stitch. Their inspiration is powerful, strong women in history - women with no fear of being who they are. They’re also inspired by the women of fairy tales that personify a perfection that does not exist in this world but we all love and desire.

Their pieces are made with rich luxurious fabrics made of natural fibers, using beautiful embroideries and hand beading to create body-conscious silhouettes and structure. When I asked about their plans to start in the fashion industry, Sebastian and Amanda were confident and ambitious. Their plans are to start in New York to learn from the best. With time, they will pursue their dream to open a couture house in the city of love.

I am thrilled how dedicated they are – and I’m sure they’ll make it. Not just because they are passionate, but also because their work reflects a high glamour and taste that fashion is all about. I’m confident we’ll hear a lot about them in the future. I’m very lucky to have a chance to get to know Sebastian and Amantha.

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