Friday, November 8, 2013

Nicolas Ghesquiere was named artistic director of Louis Vuitton*

The suspense is over fashion lovers! Nicolas Ghesquiere, is the new artistic director of Louis Vuitton. When many ones though that could be John Galliano, the French designer surprised us with such lovely news. Nicolas had before previously led Balenciaga between 1997 and 2012, he did a wonderful job, l loved everything he did during he’s work with the Balenciaga house. Louis Vuitton is again in good hands, since Marc Jacobs did also a brilliant job being artistic direct of Louis Vuitton. We must recognize that Louis Vuitton went from chic to cool and modern style, and there’s anyone better to continue to rock than Nicolas Ghesquiere.

This one was one of my favorite collections for Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs <3 p="">

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