Monday, November 11, 2013

First week of "Helpout's" by Google

Sorry fashion lovers, l hasn’t spent much time around here but my project with Google is taking me a lot of time which it's great :) Remembering that is not Juliana online there, but FASHION ON ROCK so l got to be Happy, honest, wise and caring. Incredible how many people l been talking through "Helpouts" by Google, and if you thought that boys don’t care about fashion you're wrong, because 90% of the people who look for me at Helpout are boys! Saying how happy and glad that now they have somebody to ask what to wear; to go out, college, date, meeting, party, clubbing and also what girls think about a boy be or not in fashion. Last week l had the pleasure of talking with people from everywhere in the world, l'm truly amazed that l have the blessing of sharing and caring.

Thank you Google team! You guys rock ;)

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