Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Madonna birthday Party at the Boca Resort

madonna All my friends are asking me where’s my post about the “famous” Madonna’s 55 birthday party that the Boca Resort in Boca Raton Florida had. Well l being very busy with new projects, fashion week but here l’m sharing my so “excited” night at the fancy resort. The true is l never wanted really to go in that party since all the parties at the Boca Resort suck, but than my darling Boyfriend convinced me that we should go and so did my Boss told me that would be fun. l love Madonna’s songs and style, the gold top l wore was a copy of Madonna’s costume that Jean Paul Gaultier made it just for her tour “the blonde ambition” back at 80’s. Since than the gold top has been everywhere, perfumes and Coca~ Cola advertises. Somehow Jean Paul brings back also in some of he’s shows in Paris during fashion week. When l was getting ready l had little trouble to do the ponytail, but then l had the brilliant idea to cut the wig l had home and put it all my real hair inside of the ponytail and it worked out perfectly. l was the only one dressed up as Madonna, if it wasn’t some wedding happening, that “party” would have been a fiasco. Thanks Boca Resort for telling me that l won the best costume, and tks Boca Resort for NEVER give me my prize. cookie and juju

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