Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's bring the jeans jacket back*

jean jacket miranda
This week l decided to resurrect my jeans jacket from my closet. After being at the Punk chaos to couture, the cool exhibition in NYC l felt like to have something Punk rock. At the met Museum they were selling punk rock ‘n’ roll pins, first l thought nah, but they l thought again how cool it would be if l put it on my jeans jacket, so l did and worked well and will be wearing soon. Promise to post here my “new” look. Actually nothing new about jeans jacket, as you know it comes from way back and still a hit, but unfortunately people forgot about this fashionable piece. Some people still wearing it, but we don’t see it very often anymore. Please ladies don’t forget about these stylish jeans that gives nothing, but a modern-classic look.


cameron diaz





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