Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013*

Last night in NYC happened the "Punk; chaos to Couture" the Met Gala that the whole world was, like me waiting with their computer excited at the Vogue.com watching live the fabulous red carpet. It was my first time watching online and l thought it was weird, l wanted to see it on our big TV, but it was good to have an idea how the Met Gala works The girl who was hosting was very boring, she didn't pass any excitement, the same question over and over. Other thing I thought it was kind of weird was when she asked the guests which punk band was their favorite, or which song…anyone knew it any band lol what a shame!!!How can they go in something so cool, so unique like this exhibition and didn't know anything about it, some of people didn't really dress up like Punk…they thought they’re at the Oscar lol , but here is my favorite looks Madonna was the best one, really sexy, absolutely punk!!!Sarah Jessica rocked a Giles Deacon gown with knee-high tartan boots and had. Lee McQueen would have loved. Miley girl more Punk impossible in her super cool Marc Jacobs fabulous dress, Anna Wintour looked lovely in her long flower power Chanel dress, Cara Delevingne is now my favorite model, not only because she’s beautiful, but because she has such strong personality and an amazing attitude anywhere she can be on a cover of a magazine or just making a silly instagram pic silly face. I wish I was there last night, I honestly felt little pain on my heart for not being there, special that was celebrating the Punk style which l love it and AH soooo match’s with my Fashion on Rock. After that I diced to yes, make a trip to NYC to check it out the Punk; chaos to couture and start to prepare myself for a very stylish and punkish spring 2013*

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