Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BoyS style*

Boys, what delicious word to say right!? For the first time l diced to include “Boys” at Fashion on Rock, to have a very special space to talk about those sexy things that drive your lives crazy and at the same time are inspiring with their unique style. I was never really interesting about share or talking about in what boys should or not to wear, but now with my lover I started to paid attention and I gave to him (to start) a super cool Brazilian flip flop saying that he should or could wear it with jeans and a T-shirt. Boys doesn’t need much to look fashion, they need to be only wise to pick the cool pieces. The other reason also l’ll start to write and share the secret world of the boys lol its Fashion on Rock fan number 2, Mr. Pablo E Briceno Jordan, a lovely reader from Washington DC who’s forever tag me on very attractive posts about fashion for boys. This summer will be in DC for a while and we’ll meet Mr. Pablo for a coffee and hear in person what’s up in the boyz fashion world, what they expect and want from fashion and what they can do to make it better*

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Pablo Briceno said...

Omg juliana. Thank you ♥ nice that u include us into to fashion rocks. I can't wait to meet you . Congrats !!!