Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best of Coachella 2013...fabulous ideas for Sunfest 2013*

Last than three days for your beyond excited Sunfest in West Palm Beach /FL. Every year I get many search from fashion girls around, I would say the world since now starts the music festivals around the world. Last week was in L.AL.ALAND the famous Coachella which I die to go someday. It’s where everything starts, the spirit of Woodstock that still around make no only people from C.A but around the world in love with this fashionable party with so many different style, from punk rock to hippie cool, boho chic whatever each girl is feeling that day. I Always say go with the flow, but not forgetting that its music, love, friendship and lot’s FASHION involved. It’s time to play with the shirts, enjoy the hats, boots, flower dresses and why not a country boots!? If we keep on our might that it will be also colorful and fun it’s already a good start to begin to a great style for one more fantastic, joyful day* Peace&Love!

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