Wednesday, January 9, 2013

THALIE contemporary mixed media artist

I’m amazed with Thalie an artist French girl work As you know fashion on rock it’s not only about fashion and music, but 100% behind art too. Why? Because as music any piece of art is absolutely Inspiring, it can be from a painting to furniture anything has the power to make our imagination Go away and most of the time creates more and more. Thalie has the power to make incredible paintings With high technology using in her artwork, giving her a unique style of art. What l found even more interesting was the fact that each painting changes the color according to weather, and from the place we contemplate them. Also waterproof and UV resistant which mean you would have it forever. Thalie is inspired in all the beautiful things in life, as travel, cities, fashion icon and music, her colorful work you can find from Los Angeles, to Saint Barth, also Paris, New York, Miami and Saint-Tropez.
C O N T A C T @ T H A L I E - A R T . C O M W W W . T H A L I E - A R T . C O M

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