Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stanley Tucci* The Tucci Cook Book

Yesterday was one of the most special days since I met Valentino. I always wanted to meet darling boy the batter of my bread, Mr. Stanley Tucci the same who did “Devil wears Prada”, Julie&Julia and others incredible movies. I had the pleasure to be in one of he’s very funny and interesting lecture where he spoke about he’s cook Book, career, Italian family and how much he adores and admire Meryl Streep, he said that it’s hard to work with her because he wants to watch her acting and he has to keep on might that yes, he needs to say the next line. Staley became very good friends with her while filming “Devil wears Prada” and of- course the friendship got stronger after Julie&Julia. So when he lovely got my book to assign he asked what was my name and I said; JulianaChild (Stanley was married to Julia Child at the movie) he couldn’t believe asking again wowww really!!??? So then of-course I said that it was a joke, he laugh very hard hahahah it was funny! Then also l said that l always watch Devil wears Prada and l showed him that l had a Vogue with me, and that always care it whatever I go, you know in case l get bored I have something Chic to read. And that was my special day with Mr. Stanley Tucci*
Darling Boy Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep in on of Julie&Julia scene
Stanley and Meryl at "Devil wears Prada" scene

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