Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween in New York 2012 Meow ;)

BOOOOOOO from New York City ;) Woww lover’s l got more than 1000 views at my last post about my Spook Catwomen night. l think that it’s absolutely cool that you guys and my friends are super interested to know what costume l’m wearing each year, l love Halloween and l think it’s’ a great opportunity for us to express ourselves and have fun. I had a blast in NY it was amazing every night Parties at Lavo also at the Penthouse, l also wanted to thank my dear amazing friends Fernando Tormena and Jeffrey Jah for taking care of me, they did make sure l was having great time, so if you ever be in NY look for this two and l guarantee you will only party with the most beautiful and cool people…Meow*

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